Ear Trainer

Ear training is of benefit to any musician. The IMusiK.ca Ear Trainer is a simple tool to help you develop your musicianship by providing an easy and fun way to train your listening skills.

New to ear training? Don’t even know what it is? No problem! I have also provided an AI-based chatbot from which you can learn the required music theory. The artificial intelligence behind the IMusiK.ca Music Theory Chatbot is top-notch, as you can easily see.

This online ear trainer is free for you to improve your musicianship. I created it for several reasons, one of which was to help hone my own listening skills. Another was to demonstrate my skills as a web developer. The IMusiK.ca eartrainer is free to use, but the code is copyright.

  • works on any device or browser
  • no extra software required
  • VERY easy, just press “start” to begin
  • configurable: make it easier or harder
  • no ads or annoying junk

To begin ear training, choose from Intervals, Triads, or 7th Chords. The difference between the tests is whether you have to hear 2 notes, 3 notes, or 4 notes.

If you are new to ear training, or just have questions about it, you should direct your questions to the IMusiK.ca Music Theory Chatbot. This artificial intelligence chatbot will be able to answer most of your questions.