Broken Promises

lyrics by Tracey Clark

She’s the kind of girl who’ll rock your world
and make you wanna cry for your mother
You can act so cool, but while you’re fucking her
you know you couldn’t dream about another
She cries to you
when you tell her that you’re gonna cut her loose
You listen to her
but as you turn your head she tightens the noose

Coward, and broken promises, coward

She was 17 when she made that scene
and she knew it didn’t get any better
She was the girl to have and everybody did
the other girls were all out to get her
She has got that special something
that makes you wanna slit your wrists
Your last one night stand
has taken many sinister twists

Stupid, to break your promises, stupid
You’re stupid

She was still in school when she met that fool
and he must have really messed up her mind
She thought that they were cool when they were skipping school
but now she thinks that he was unkind
He can’t even see her lies
when they’re sitting right in front of his face
She don’t know what’s right or wrong
since she slipped and put her mind out of place

Loser, and broken promises, loser