lyrics by Tracey Clark

You and me, history
Please don’t come looking after me
What I need is to be freed
Tear this hold you have off of me
Silently in the night
Carefull you don’t hear and start a fight

I remember hitting the floor, that was the first one
Black and blue till I wanted some more, that was a good one
I am looking for a new shade of black
And when I find it I ain’t coming back

And you don’t have the time of day
But somehow you know that it’s OK
All these days just pass me by
Makes me lower my head and cry
I call you brave but it means nothing
Just a precaution to avoid the sting


Black and blue, how could you
Live a lie and believe it’s true
In your mind, so unkind
Happiness is an occasional find
In your chains I rattle and break
And dream of the escape that I will make