Albums by the band Solid

Many years ago, there were music formats known as “CD” and “cassette tape”. Solid was around back in those days, but we now have our catalog available for free online.


Released: December 1996

The six songs on this cassette were recorded live, directly to stereo, on November 10, 1996. No overdubbing or multitracking were used. The result is a very accurate sonic representation of a Solid performance. It is considered by many to be their best recording to date.

Tales Of Woe

Tales Of Woe Cassette Cover

Released: June 1996

This five song cassette shows a slight change in direction for the band. The songs are a bit more aggressive and the overall feel of the recording is tighter and heavier than their earlier stuff.

This album is our only one that we had done by a real producer. It was recorded in my studio, but Paul Shatto recorded, mixed, and mastered it.


Released: October 1995

This is Solid‘s debut recording. The stripped-down production style gives the CD the same rawness and intensity characteristic of Solid‘s early performances.