Guitar Tab

These transcriptions are in the form of 200 DPI Black and White GIF files. They were created from scans of handwritten transcriptions made by Ian M. Kroll, Solid‘s note-happy guitar player.

The transcriptions are single note lines with the accompanying rhythmic notation. This line is not really meant to represent the actual guitar or bass part of the song. Instead, it is meant to convey the harmonic progressions and rhythmic groove of the song. If you want to figure out Solid‘s songs note for note, you could either sit down and pick everything out by ear, or perhaps take Ian out for a beer or two and see what he’ll divulge. If anyone does figure out how to play them note for note, please contact Ian as he will be interested in your services as a stunt double.

The tablature is in standard guitar tablature notation, with the six lines representing the strings of a guitar, and the numbers representing the fretting positions. The bottom line on the page represents the lowest pitched string of the guitar. The rhythms are shown just above the note lines.