I originally started this site thinking it would be a good way to promote my studio. I had intended on starting a business as a recording studio.

After trying it for a while, I decided it wasn't really for me. I found that I enjoyed recording only when I was recording myself or my bands or my friends. Otherwise, it just seemed a bit much like work!

So that’s what I do with my studio now. I still make recordings from time to time for myself or my bands or my friends.

While I mainly make my living as a website developer, I'm still interested in using my recording studio for certain clients. In particular, I’m interested in singer-songwriters who would like me to provide some accompaniment on bass or electric guitar. In addition to operating the recording studio and producing your recording, I can provide guitar and/or bass tracks for your song.

I have friends who can provide pro-quality drum and keyboard tracks if needed. I also enjoy producing both drums and synth on the computer.

If you think you would be a good fit for my studio, then we should talk. My rates are very reasonable.

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As a Calgary website developer, I go out of my way to ensure my websites work equally well on a mobile device as on a large computer screen. However, if you choose to go mobile with this site, you’ll be missing out on one thing: the video intro featuring my awesome dog, Kiefer. You can view the video below: